About: Viber is a open source Commnunication App.

Step 1. Download the file

sudo wget -O ~/viber.deb http://download.cdn.viber.com/cdn/desktop/Linux/viber.deb

Step 2. Run the following command to check the installation package

ls ~/viber.deb /home/ubu/viber.deb

Step 3. Run below commands

sudo apt-mark hold libcurl4
sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libcurl3 ~/viber.deb
sudo apt install -f
sudo dpkg -i --ignore-depends=libcurl3 ~/viber.deb
sudo apt-mark unhold libcurl4

Step 4. To avoid any error during installtion run the below command

sudo apt install libcurl3 ~/viber.deb

Step 5. Run the following command or search your start menu:viber


Now open terminal and type viber


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