It’s security audit tool

Step1. Install repository

yum install epel-release -y

Step2. Install tripwire

yum install  tripwire -y

Step3. Generate setupkey

pass: Admin@123
Note: it  will generate two key files 'site-key' and 'local-key'.

Step4. Initialized database

tripwire --init

Step5. Generate log error

sh -c "tripwire --check | grep Filename > no-directory.txt"
cat no-directory.txt

Step6. Run this script on your terminal

for f in $(grep "Filename:" no-directory.txt | cut -f2 -d:); do 
sed -i "s|($f) |#\1|g" /etc/tripwire/twpol.txt  

Step7. Regenerate and re-sign the tripwire configuration

twadmin -m P /etc/tripwire/twpol.txt
tripwire --init

Step8. Checking system

tripwire --check

Step9. Create a new file

cd ~/
touch hakase-labs.txt

Step10. Checking system

tripwire --check

For Live Installation you may refer below youtube link:-


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