About: it’s an open-source tracker tool.

Step1. Install package

yum install wget -y

Step2. Download OpenProject package source

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/openproject.repo \ https://dl.packager.io/srv/opf/openproject/stable/10/installer/el/7.repo

Step3. Install openproject

yum install openproject

Step4. Setup OpenProject Configuration

openproject configure

Step5. Will get the wizard for openproject database configuration

Step6. Type the domain name for your Openproject application, and choose ‘OK’

Step7. Next, for the SSL configuration. If you have purchased SSL certificates, choose ‘yes’, and ‘no’ if you don’t have SSL certificates

Step8. Then you will be asked for the email notification configuration. Choose as you need and click ‘OK’

Step9. Memcached cache, install it to get better performance of openproject

Step10. Choose the ‘Install new Memcached server’ and then click ‘OK’.

Step11. The command will automatically install and configure all of the packages for openpoject installation.

Step12. Access via browser



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