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Step1. Install tomcat and PostgreSQL

yum install tomcat tomcat-docs-webapp tomcat-javadoc tomcat-webapps tomcat-admin-webapps postgres*

Step2. Start tomcat service

systemctl start tomcat

Step3. Access via browser


Step4. unzip opencms in webapps directory

cd /opt/opencms
unzip opencms and copy war file in /var/lib/tomcat/webapps

Step5. Access via browser


Step6. Initialize PostgreSQL db

postgres-setup initdb
cd  /var/lib/pgsql/data

Step7. Configure below line

cat postgresql.conf  (Uncommand Listener and Port)
cat pg_hba.conf (change ident to trust for Localhost)

Step8. Restart PostgreSQL service

systemctl restart postgresql

Step9. Access and set PostgreSQL password

su - postgres
psql and change Postgresql password using command \password
-Now Continue installation till compleleted  
Default Credentials
 Username: Admin
 Password : admin

For Live Installation you may refer below youtube link:-


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