It’s an open-source Reporting tool.

Step1. Install package

yum install -y wget

Step2. Download package

wget --progress=bar:force:noscroll -O

Step3. Change permission

chmod +x

Step4. Run file

./ --mode unattended --jasperLicenseAccepted yes --postgres_password dbpassword --prefix /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-7.1.0

Step5. Run file

cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-7.1.0/
./ start

1. Step 5 --  Will take some  time so keep   monitor the progress by checking disk usage in the installation folder
2. postgresql DB will install in the Jasper report server installation path as well. 
3. Jasper Server will run on tomcat on port 8080. You need to allow port 8080 in the IPTABLES or systemctl stop firewalld if it is just a testing server 

Step6. Access via browser

Username: jasperadmin 
Password: jasperadmin 


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