Darkstat is a cross-platform, lightweight, simple, real-time network statistics tool that captures network traffic

Step1. Install the packages

yum install libpcap libpcap-devel zlib zlib-devel gcc wget -y

Step2. Download the darkstat

wget https://unix4lyfe.org/darkstat/darkstat-3.0.719.tar.bz2

Step3. Untar and execute

tar xvjf darkstat-3.0.718.tar.bz2  
make install

Step4. Start the daemon


Step5. The interface which needs to be monitored

darkstat -i eth0
darkstat -i eth1 -p 666

Step6. Port where the results would be published

darkstat -p 666

Step7. Bind the port to a specific interface

darkstat -b

Step8. Turn off persistent DNS resolution if your server is somehow with limited speed/bandwidth or you just need to see IP addresses

darkstat -n

Step9. Packet filter exceptions

darkstat -e "port not 21" 

Step10. To see all other available options

darkstat -h

Step11. Access via URL



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